Moonstone Boho Wedding Earrings

Moonstone Boho Wedding Earrings

Tiny faceted moonstone beads are wire wrapped into a small white flower. The tiny pearl buds are then added for an adorable touch.
They look and feel delicate but are actually very sturdy.
You will love to wear these for any special occasion you may have. They are a beautiful accompaniment to bridal attire also.

Moonstone is said to bring happiness and success in love.

They are approximately 2’’ in length giving you an earring set that will really stand out.

Please note: The earrings reflected in the photo feature the approx 11mm (middle size) Moonstone.

When you purchase these earrings simply choose the size of the Rainbow Moonstone teardrop.
Your choices are 8mm, 11mm, all the way up to 15mm for a bold look.

14k gold filled, 20gauge ea wire
Total length of the earrings is 2" (5cm)
Come in gift box

Made to Order
Please allow 7-10 business days before shipping

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